What Does Spring Mean for the Travel Nurse?

It’s spring! We all love the fresh promises that come with this time of year, but it can mean different things for the travel nurse. Many travel nurses are eager to get back home to spend time with family over the summer. Others may be excited for that next assignment to a new location. Either way, here are some things to consider as a travel nurse this spring.

Make Work an Adventure

Make your next travel destination an adventure – there are a lot of amazing places across the country that are even more beautiful in the spring. The Midwest has amazing, but widely unknown hot spots for everyone, and travel nurses are no exception. With low nurse-to-patient ratios and high pay scales, there is a never-ending nursing demand in these gorgeous states. You’ll never run out of places to explore, either, with the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, roaming wild plains, access to Yellowstone and other national parks – just to name a few.

With its size, Texas should have it all! Dallas, Austin, and Houston are in constant need of nurses, and The Medical Center in Houston offers industry-leading facilities. And there is so much fun to be had in Texas. Let the experience you’re looking to have guide you to the city that fits your interests. Experience the live music scene of Austin, get your history fix at the Alamo in San Antonio, or visit NASA’s Space Center in Houston.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 18.7% of Florida residents are 65 and older, creating a huge demand in the healthcare industry. And what’s not to love about the Sunshine State with Disney, Universal Studios, the Everglades, Key West, and so much more! 

Spring Break

With all the time you spend on your feet, you owe yourself a break between travel nursing assignments! Put your feet up for a few days. Watch for cheap flight between your current assignment location and where you’re headed. Or, if you’ve already made one of the great destinations above your assignment location, it won’t be hard to escape to a quaint, quiet place for a few days and just let your mind – and your feet – relax. 

Spring Cleaning and Packing

Although not as fun as planning your next assignment destination or travel adventure, don’t forget that spring cleaning also applies to travel items and not just homes. Take the time to clean out and wipe down your laptop bag, which has been on the floor of cafes, airport bathrooms, or the break room. Putting a dryer sheet in your empty suitcase after unpacking will keep it fresh and discourage bugs from taking up residence inside. 

When packing for your next assignment, be sure to take into consideration the region you are headed to. In most places, the snow has melted and weather is more mild, but temperatures may still be chilly. Many places will have rain at least periodically, so throwing a slick jacket and umbrella into your luggage is never a bad idea.

And don’t forget to layer, layer, layer! Especially in the Midwest, you may be cranking the heat in the morning but by noon, temps have risen and you may very likely be sweating through your scrubs. Packing layers will ensure you’re prepared for any type of weather.