Registered Nurse - Pediatrics

Duration: 13
Job Type: Travel
Hours: 36
Pay Scale: $1800/week
Shift: Nights
Location: Omaha , NE


Pediatric Registered Nurse Job:

Pediatric nurses give care to the sick and ailing babies, toddlers and children in healthcare facilities and homes. They work as part of a team with physicians, other nurses and healthcare professionals to provide care, monitor health conditions, plan long-term care needs, administer medicine, use medical equipment, perform minor medical operations, and advise patients and their families on illness, care and continued care after a hospital stay.

Pediatric RN Qualifications:

  • Active RN license in specified state
  • Nursing degree from an accredited nursing program.
  • Minimum of  2yrs experience in Pediatrics
  • BLS, NRP  and ACLS required (STABLE preferred)

Pediatric Registered Nurse Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Critical-Thinking Skills: Pediatric nurses will need to assess a patient's health, as well as detect changes in symptoms, health or pain, and will need to know when action is necessary.
  • Compassion: Nurses help people. You will need to be sympathetic to a patient's needs, and be able to deal with people in various states of pain, trauma and tragedy.
  • Attention to Detail: Nurses can help doctors operate, administer medicines and work with specific treatments that, if wrong could prove fatal. Attention to detail is crucial.
  • Organizational Skills: Nurses will face multiple patients, with differing needs, stages of health and risks. Being organized and knowing how to prioritize will be helpful.
  • Calm Under Pressure: Nurses might face emergency, life-or-death situations. Being able to function in the heat of emergency will be necessary.
  • Patience: Giving care under stressful circumstances requires patience.
  • Communication Skills: Nurses might communicate directly with patients who are scared, in pain or in shock. Families will have questions and want answers. Nurses need to be a patient listener and good communicator to help keep everyone calm and help them understand the situation.

Benefits of Being a Plains Medical Staffing Travel Nursing Employee:

  • Premium pay
  • Prestigious facilities
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Immediate access to the industry's best recruiters and healthcare facilities
  • Private housing or housing allowance
  • Group health insurance benefits
  • Retirement benefits